Personalize your space

Say goodbye to the standard “vanilla” office suite.  Now, you can office in style!

At Santa Cruz Suites you have the freedom to choose not only the size and appearance of your workspace, but the tenant program that works best for you.

Most of our tenants enjoy personalizing their individual suites with their own equipment, artwork, family photos and other decorations that reflect their unique personality, while others prefer to just carry their mobile devices.  We even arrange, remove or add furniture to tenant specifications.

Some tenants also opt for personal mail service, delivered directly to your suite daily at no extra charge, while others  like to experience a new office space when the mood strikes, selecting a larger suite when they have visitors and meetings and a smaller one when they want to work privately.

So whether you select our daily, monthly or annual lease plans; whether you prefer the flexibility and financial freedom of selecting different spaces or make one your permanent office, you can be sure of the superior benefits that only a “Class A” building provides.


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