Our Region

Trade between North and South America is better than ever, and now there’s the best place in which to accomplish it:  The Santa Cruz Suites in the Americas Trade & Commerce Center.  

The Center’s unique location in the sunny Southwest makes it a perfect place in which to do business with Latin America.

Major global manufacturers, including Sony, Texas Instruments, Rolls-Royce and many more have long realized this.  That’s why assembly plants (maquiladoras) continue to expand in neighboring Sonora, Mexico where labor is plentiful yet low cost and land prices remain reasonable.  Business from this manufacturing sector alone exceeds $20 billion per year.

The U.S. Government has also realized the huge potential of the region as the portal to international trade between North and Latin America, committing more than $200 million toward the expansion of the Nogales, Arizona’s major Port.  The landmark project, completed in 2014, significantly facilitates bilateral trade and provide jobs and economic boost to the region.

The area is also home to more than 100 fresh produce warehouses, brokerages and distribution centers.  The top fresh brands such as Dole, Del Monte, Chiquita, Giumarra and others, along with several supermarket chains, are represented here.  With around 70% of fresh produce consumed during the winter coming from Mexico, this $8 billion industry is the economic engine of the community.

Our Mariposa Port of Entry completed its $200M expansion in 2014

The explosion of trade this project promised is just one of the reasons for working at The Center and living in this scenic area.  Others include:

  • Quick access to Highway I-19: the starting line for the famed CANAMEX Corridor (“Safe, Smart and Secure” ) uniting Mexico, U.S. and Canada
  • The City of Nogales (Santa Cruz County seat) and neighboring Rio Rico, AZ (pop. 65,000 combined), operate as one community, while “Sister City” Nogales, Sonora (pop. 450,000) is minutes away.
  • Tucson, Arizona  (pop. 1.5M) is approximately one hour’s drive, making it an easy daily commute.  With two land ports and two international airports mere minutes away, tenants and their clients can conduct business efficiently and at lower costs. (read more about the area in our Useful Links page)

Other benefits include:

  • Incentives offered by the City and/or County for business relocation
  • Special tax and financial benefits of location in border trade regions, including Free Trade Zone
  • Key U.S. and Mexico business and trade organizations headquarters
  • Cochise College and University of Arizona campuses
  • 90% bilingual (Spanish/English)personnel pool, along with other nationalities (e. g. Greek, Chinese, etc.)
  • Historically-significant region with strong traditions and cultural vitality
  • Mountain views, clean air and safe, healthy environment with superior outdoor recreation
  • Top-level executive housing at lower costs, with high land availability and ease of custom building
  • Unique lifestyle with dynamic, international flavor and lower costs: all on U.S. soil.

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