Suite Benefits

The popularity of executive suites around the world has already proven this is the “officing of the future.” 

There are times when working out of your hotel room or lobby is just not productive, nor feasible.  At the Santa Cruz Executive Suites you get all the benefits of a professional workspace without the inconvenience or costs. 

The flexibility also offers clear benefits whether you work for a large, global organization or are a small, local business. 

At Santa Cruz Executive Suites  you enjoy:

  • Elegant, professionally-decorated offices with original artwork

  • Stunning reception area with ample comfort for your guests

  • Full conference facilities in 15-person boardroom

  • Copy/project and coffee rooms

  • Secure, high-speed internet

  • Covered reserved parking

  • Outside view from all offices

  • Concierge and secretarial services on demand

  • Full cleaning and maintenance

  • On-site management and security system

  • Locked mailboxes and private mail delivery

Our in-house management team is committed to providing excellent, customized service to our clients with our flexible program, whether you need us for a year, a month, a day…or an hour.  Our Membership Program ensures you only pay for what you need, providing three levels for you to select:

LEVEL 1 – Exclusive executive office with private key, door signage (monthly lease)

LEVEL 2 – Flex:  a suite assigned to you for a week, day or hours

LEVEL 3 – Virtual:  pick up your mail and/or meet in our conference room

For a Membership quote call Call 520-287-4174 or email:



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